The Good Life Restaurant
The Good Life Gourmet
3712 N. Croatan Highway
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
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Outer Banks Wine & Beer Shop

World Famous Wine

At Good Life, we take pride in carrying some of the finest selections that the state has to offer. From full-bodied reds to delicately flavored Rieslings planted along the top ridges of the North Carolina's mountains, these are wines worthy of being served at any table. For wine drinkers who prefer a sweeter wine, check out the wines made from a grape that only grows in the southeast. A chilled muscadine wine is fruity, sweet and refreshing.

We don't limit our choices to just North Carolina wines. At Good Life there is a wide selection of wines from around the world--Malbecs from South America, classic Zinfandels from the Lodi area of California, red and white wines from the Cote do Rhone of France--all of it personally selected and chosen to highlight the unique character of a region or varietal.

Our great selection of North Carolina craft brewed beers is only one part of the more than 110 labels we offer. From cool and refreshing lagers and fruit infused beers to a big double hopped IPA, beer drinkers will find what they are looking for at the Good Life. With such a wide selection, there should be no problem paring a beer or wine with lunch or dinner. And, at Good Life, we offer some of our finest wines by the glass at very affordable prices.