The Good Life Restaurant
The Good Life Gourmet
3712 N. Croatan Highway
Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
(252) 480-2855

It's A Good Life

Sandwich and Apples

The Good Life Restaurant is all about celebrating the good life through fine food, family and friends. Add to the mix a perfectly prepared cappuccino, latte or freshly brewed pot of coffee, an excellent wine selection and over 110 craft brewed beers, and life on the Outer Banks just got a little better.

The day starts with a frying pan breakfast… something unique in Kitty Hawk, the Outer Banks or just about anywhere. All hot breakfasts are served in the frying pan in which they were prepared. The food is always hot, all the wonderful flavors are held together and it creates a different and memorable way to start the day. Breakfast is served until 2pm.

From soup to salads to subs and even paninis, there's no better place on the Outer Banks to enjoy a lunch of freshly prepared food in a relaxing atmosphere.

There is something for everyone here with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes, the finest quality deli meats and freshly baked breads. All orders are prepared individually and custom created sandwiches are always a possibility… although the selection is so broad, almost everyone finds the perfect match for their appetite.

Special touches are everywhere on the lunch menu, from the specially selected applewood smoked bacon to the house made tuna salad to the Good Life Restaurant's own creation: a pretzel roll, for the perfect sandwich.

Dinner is all about comfort food. The house-made meatloaf with macaroni and cheese has that touch of classic training that keeps customers coming back year after year, but the setting and the flavors will remind diners of families sitting around the table and enjoying one another's company. Add to the mix a glass of excellent wine at a very affordable price or one of the many unique craft beers available at the Good Life, and the good life just got better.

The Good Life is all about family and too often the furry family members are left at home. Not at the Good Life. Starting this year, our patio will be "paws friendly," so the family dog won't have to sit at home or in the car wondering where everyone is.